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Image by Jess Bailey


Hi there, so a little about me, first off, I love moss, I wish I was A teeny tiny person so I could live in a cosy, soft moss house, eat biscuits and drink tea from acorn hats.


My very first love though will always be illustration, if I couldn't draw I am not sure who I would be, I could draw before I could write, (now I think of it we probably all draw before we write...anyway), willingly lost in worlds ruled by bizarre characters on exhilarating journeys.

I would dream of infinite amounts of paper so I never had to stop drawing.

so now, I collect moss, drink tea and illustrate for those special little explorers who see the world with pure imagination and curiosity, where magic, mystery and mayhem rein...children.

children's books are a window through which children see new, scary and exciting worlds, where they can be anything, conquer anything and dream their biggest dreams. 

Education and experience

  • B.A Honours degree in Fine Art Painting.Loughborough University, College of Art and Design.

  • illustrator of five children's books.

  • nominated for the Queens Knickers Award 2021.

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